Confirmation Hearings Set for NCUA Board Nominees

President Trump recently nominated Todd Harper to the NCUA Board, as well as Rodney Hood.

The Senate Banking Committee has scheduled a hearing on the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board nominations of Rodney Hood and Todd M. Harper for Thursday, Feb. 14, at 7 a.m. P.T.

President Trump nominated Harper ( a Democrat) to fill the second open seat on the NCUA Board. Harper previously served as the director of public and congressional affairs and as chief policy advisor to then-Chairman Debbie Matz at the NCUA. Prior to the NCUA, he served 14 years as a senior aide to Representative Paul E. Kanjorski, D-PA. The seat Harper is nominated to fill has been vacant since Matz left the board in 2016. Trump also nominated Hood (a Republican) to fill the seat currently occupied by Board Member Rick Metsger, whose term expired in August 2017. Hood previously served on the NCUA Board under President George W. Bush.

Should both nominees be confirmed, the NCUA will operate with a full Board for the first time in nearly three years. The third seat is currently held by Board Chairman J. Mark McWatters (a Republican), whose term ends in August of this year. The Federal Credit Union Act requires that “no more than two Board members can be from the same political party.”

The nomination hearings can be livestreamed via the Senate Banking Committee's website.

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