CU PolicyPro

Secure CU PolicyPro

CU PolicyPro is offered as a benefit of California and Nevada Credit Union League membership.

CU PolicyPro includes more than 230 detailed model policies that can help your credit union manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Developed and written especially for credit unions by legal and financial regulatory experts, CU PolicyPro is designed to be compliant with applicable regulations.

Because your credit union is unique, CU PolicyPro not only includes the model policy content, but a full policy management system that lets you customize any model policy to fit your credit union’s individual operations. The policy management tools are robust yet easy to use, allowing easy maintenance of policies all in one place. Your existing polices can also be added to and maintained within the system.

A comprehensive, on-demand suite of New User Training videos are available to easily learn how to use the system. A Resources area includes an archived history of changes made to the model policies, newsletters and other tools to help make managing policies a little easier.

We are excited to be able to offer this program free of charge to our member credit unions. It is the perfect complement to the already popular and trusted Compliance InfoSight, and will further help to strengthen your compliance efforts.


Accessing CU PolicyPro

A separate ID/PW is required to access CU PolicyPro. If you already have an ID/PW for CU PolicyPro, click here to login.

The majority of credit unions in California and Nevada have already registered for CU PolicyPro. If you need a login, an administrator from your credit union can provide access for you to login and view the model policies and any of your customized policies. If you are unsure of who the administrators are from your credit union, please email CU PolicyPro Support at For more information, contact the Compliance Hotline at 844-731-6072.