Deceased Member Accounts: What Your CU Needs to Know


Don't miss the Deceased Member Accounts in California and Nevada webinar for a full review of what happens to a member's account in the event of death. This session is available May 3, 2021. 

Let’s face it, the average family member/person probably doesn’t know how this process works unless they have gone through it before, which is why it is critical for you to know the proper/legal way these accounts need to be handled to avoid problems down the road. In this webinar we tackle the following questions, and more:

  • Who takes precedence, the Pay on Death beneficiary or the estate?
  • What happens when a fiduciary such as a trustee or custodian dies?
  • When are funds payable under an Affidavit of Small Estate?
  • Whose responsibility is it when it comes to deceased business account owners?
  • How may estate accounts legally be established at the credit union?
  • Why must we hold, reject or return certain ACH payments?
  • At what point can we no longer honor checks written by the deceased? What about checks payable to the deceased?


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