Free Webinar: Mitigating Your CU’s Cyber Risk Amidst the Cyber-Demic of 2021


More people and businesses are becoming victims of ID theft and cybercrime, yet most are not equipped to address the problem. What can you do to protect your credit union and members?

Complimentary Webinar
Mitigating Your Credit Union’s Cyber Risk Amidst the Cyber-Demic of 2021
Wednesday, May 12, 2021
10-11 a.m. PST

Industry experts will discuss the most common ways you are vulnerable to cyber threats along with best practice strategies used by credit unions.

Attendees will learn aspects of cyber security, including:

  • Why companies fail during cyber-attacks and what the Cyber-demic of 2021 is all about
  • Why no one business can ever prevent itself from experiencing a data breach event
  • Why no one business can ever prevent an individual from becoming a victim of ID theft
  • How to support employee and member education
  • How to support pre-breach planning and post-breach response and recovery
  • How to mitigate ID theft and data breach exposures for your business, your employees and your members…with the potential for non-interest income as well

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Jim McCabe
EVP, Identity Theft Solutions, Vero, LLC

McCabe has developed his subject matter expertise in ID theft and data breach solutions over the past 10 years and has contributed to industry publications and blog sites, while consistently speaking for conferences and webinars to foster awareness and education for cybersecurity preparedness and best practices.

Mark Pribish
VP and ID Theft Practice Leader, Merchants Information Solutions, Inc.

Pribish has helped lead the product line development, marketing and sales since 2005 and is the author of the longest running monthly ID Theft column in the United States. His identity theft and cyber insurance experience has made Pribish a national thought leader and one of the leading identity theft risk management experts in the US.

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