Mortgage Loan Origination Compliance and What You Should Know


Mortgage origination compliance can prove challenging and violations can be costly. How do you keep up?

Register for the Mortgage Loan Origination Compliance webinar on Feb. 1 where experts will walk you through complex compliance requirements from accepting applications, appraisals, underwriting, flood insurance, escrows and more. 

Get answer to these questions and more!

  • What triggers the requirement to provide a Loan Estimate and when are changes allowed?
  • What is different when dealing with HELOCs and Closed end mortgages?
  • Which charges are finance charges and which charges are subject to tolerance limits?
  • What has CFPB recently said about costs that are absorbed by the lender vs. lender credits?
  • Can closing disclosures be revised prior to funding? Would it trigger a new 3-day waiting period?
  • How do we properly request Government Monitoring Information?
  • Who has to provide the NMLS information and when?

Click here to register. 

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