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Today’s competition is fierce, and credit unions are seeking targeted products and services to help expand their loan portfolios, and explore new service and security technologies. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues (the “Leagues”) have many resources and exciting opportunities to reach credit union decision makers.

The Leagues are the largest state trade association for credit unions, recognized nationally and internationally as an innovative force in our industry. Our member credit unions look to our publications and website as a viable resource to help them with their everyday objectives. League programs and updates, along with extensive products and services, provide solutions to the ever growing demands of executives. By advertising with the Leagues, you can capitalize on our close relationship with our members, and our well-respected reputation among influential credit union leaders throughout California and Nevada.

To advertise with the Leagues, contact Cindy Tullues
To exhibit or sponsor with the Leagues, contact Richard Silva.

Media Kit(For ad rates, specifications, and deadlines, see our Media Kit.)


CU Weekly is the primary touch point for reaching California and Nevada Credit Union member credit unions and is the Leagues' exclusive e-communication for industry information and news. Three prime ad spaces are offered each week.

Members in the News features the latest on how credit unions and industry affiliates across California and Nevada are making a difference in the communities they serve and is one of our most popular digital publications.

Education & Training eNewsletter features upcoming webinars, seminars, and conference promotions, and is one of the two primary eBlasts regularly sent to League members. Limited to one sponsorship per issue.

D.J.'s Economix keeps our members abreast of current trends and the latest economic developments and how those will impact credit unions.

Breaking News provides CEOs, executives, middle management, and down-the-line staff the "inside scoop" on late-breaking announcements that specifically impact California and Nevada credit unions.

The Credit Union Quarterly Performance Report details performance and trends focused on California & Nevada credit unions. The report includes a narrative, graphs, charts and various breakdowns by geography, asset size, etc.

Webcast/Webinar Sponsorships: With the expertise of C-Sun Studios, the Leagues host webcasts and webinars each year that attract a variety of credit union professionals who are looking to elevate the performance of their credit unions.

Web Advertising: Our web advertising options can boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.


Convention/Event Sponsorships

League events attract credit union representatives from across the country and offer a wide variety of sponsorships to fit every budget. Enhance your brand’s visibility while expressing your commitment to the credit union movement. See our Media Kit for for deadlines, rates, and additional information.


Seminar Sponsorships

Each year, League seminars draw hundreds of credit union professionals and volunteers. Make a powerful impression for your brand by sponsoring these face-to-face educational experiences. See our Media Kit for for deadlines, rates, and additional information.