CU SoCal Doubles Up on Employee Bonuses Amid Pandemic

Dave Gunderson, CEO of CU of Southern California
Dave Gunderson, CEO of CU of Southern California

CU of Southern California ended 2021 by giving out a pair of bonuses to every employee, issuing a holiday bonus on Nov. 19 and an inflation bonus on Dec. 17.

"Building better lives doesn't just refer to helping our members," said CEO Dave Gunderson. "It also extends to everyone who comprises the CU SoCal team. This is our way to say 'thank you' for everything they have done and continue to do."

The amount of the holiday bonus depended on the employees’ role and tenure. However, every full-time employee received a $1,000 inflation bonus, while part-time employees and employees hired after Oct. 1 received a pro-rated inflation bonus.

In early 2020, CU SoCal prioritized staff’s financial wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic by giving every employee two “pandemic relief bonuses” of $1,000.

"We hope these bonuses take some of the financial burden off the collective shoulders of our wonderful employees," Gunderson added.

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