CA Legislature, Redistricting, Victories, and NV Senator Reid

California's legislative district lines can viewed on the “We Draw the Lines CA” Map Viewer webpage.
California's legislative district lines can viewed on the “We Draw the Lines CA” Map Viewer webpage.

This week, California state legislators returned to Sacramento as the 2022 legislative session begins. Legislators are eager to get back to work, especially on bills that stalled in 2021, and committee hearings are already being scheduled for the weeks ahead.

Additionally, legislators, their staff, and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office have been relocated to temporary offices deemed the “Swing Space” throughout the construction of the State Capitol Annex Project. The new building is located across the street at 1021 O Street.

The California Credit Union League will continue to communicate with credit union leaders throughout the year on any bills impacting the credit union movement. The League also wants to thank all credit union advocates who participated in the important legislative fights over the past couple of years.

Please stay prepared for future battles! And save the date for the California Government Relations Rally (GRR) in Sacramento on April 4 – 5.

New CA Redistricting Maps
Recently, California’s non-partisan Citizens Redistricting Commission announced finalized districts for the California State Assembly, State Senate, Board of Equalization, and U.S. Congress. Lines are redrawn every 10 years as part of the national census.

The new lines will take effect for next year’s election. The legislative seats are made up of 80 in the assembly, 40 in the senate, and 52 in the congressional delegation. For the first time in California’s history, the state lost a seat in Congress as the state’s population did not keep pace with the rest of the nation.

From the congressional side, the early news is that massive changes are not expected. The biggest news was in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, where lines have merged across previous districts. However, even with the retirement of several lawmakers, the League’s still anticipate that the movement’s “friends of credit unions” and supporters are safe. In Orange County, the League is awaiting on announcements regarding which incumbents will run in which districts, as their lines have significantly shifted (setting up some interesting upcoming races).

On the state side, new maps are showing overlapping districts, which could cause legislators to pick up and physically move as they are required to live in the districts they serve. The most prominent change the League has seen so far is within the counties of San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Clarita Valley. The League is also seeing many lawmakers announce their run for other positions before they term-out, which should shake things up a bit. A clearer picture should emerge soon.

The Leagues’ advocacy team will keep you up to speed as developments occur in the next few weeks. March 11 is the official filing deadline, but credit unions and the League should know who is running (and where) far before then.

If you’d like to see how the legislative district lines impact your area, please visit the “We Draw the Lines CA” Map Viewer.

Leagues’ Advocacy Successes
2021 was an incredible year in credit union advocacy. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues’ team in Washington D.C., Carson City and Sacramento navigated the perils of legislation and regulatory actions as the country grappled with the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please click here to review the Leagues’ Power in Advocacy webpage (click for print-out), which outlines the Leagues’ legislative, regulatory, political, and grassroots successes and victories! This document is designed to educate your teams, boards, and members about the power of the Leagues’ advocacy efforts.

Together, with the help of member credit unions, the Leagues succeeded in advancing the credit union mission and continued its work to help credit unions change people’s lives. As 2022 begins, the Leagues’ advocacy team is going to need the engagement and activism of League members as the movement takes on new challenges in the year ahead.

Senator Harry Reid Passes
The Nevada Credit Union League and its members expressed sadness as the world learned of the recent passing of the Honorable Harry Reid. As the senior senator from Nevada, credit union leadership and members of the Silver State enjoyed a close, open, and at times very straight-forward relationship with the senator.

Throughout his Senate career, and especially during his tenure as both the minority and majority leader of the U.S. Senate, Senator Reid aided credit unions in the times the movement needed him the most. The senator and his team ensured credit unions were heard, thought of, and at times aided the movement’s legislative initiatives in a very difficult environment.

Senator Reid is personally responsible for ensuring passage of legislation allowing credit unions the ability to offer Attorney Trust Accounts (IOLTAs), granting eligibility for privately insured credit unions to become members of the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB), and ensuring credit unions were thoughtfully considered during the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

As a national leader and a legend in American politics, if there was one contribution between the relationship of the executives of Nevada’s credit unions and Senator Reid, it was raising the level of awareness and attention for credit union issues. Senator Reid was not afraid to advise other senators of importance on locally-owned and operated financial institutions — and the power of credit unions.

While it has been six years since his departure from the Senate, his legacy has been strong in the credit union movement.

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