Interchange Fees: The Grassroots Battle Continues in Congress

Capitol Hill building

Employees at more than 40 credit unions in California and Nevada have participated in the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues and Credit Union National Association's (CUNA) grassroots action alert regarding credit card interchange fees and the threat of new legislation to regulate them. YOU can too!

At those credit unions, 340 individuals have sent 1,026 messages to congressional lawmakers in both states through CUNA's Grassroots Action Center (with each individual sending one message to a member of Congress and one message to each of the two U.S. senators from the state).

The Leagues alerted credit unions over a week ago about this issue. There has been no bill introduced, nor any written text to regulate credit card interchange.

However, a growing bipartisan coalition has been attempting to aid small businesses and using the COVID-19 pandemic to attack interchange fees. This coalition's message has received a considerable amount of sympathy from legislators on Capitol Hill.

Since then, credit union staff have stepped up by reminding Congress to keep the current interchange system in place, which benefits all players — including credit unions, consumers, and merchants.

The Leagues would like to thank all credit union leaders and employees for helping us build the support necessary to protect credit unions and combat potential harmful proposals! If you have not acted, please do so TODAY.

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