Social Media Blitz Makes CUs a Hot Topic


On July 30, the credit union movement rallied together to create a digital “wave” that reached more than 22 million people on social media. The goal: to inspire high energy conversation about why people love their credit unions. Driven by the cooperative spirit, more than 700 organizations across 48 states and nine countries participated. These included credit unions, leagues, associations, and industry partners! They started the hashtag #ilovemycreditunion trending across social media platforms, raising awareness about the amazing things credit unions do every day for their members and communities.

The organic social media buzz surrounding this campaign made it a great cooperative achievement in the credit union movement. Thousands of credit union industry employees, volunteers, family and friends jumped on their favorite social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) to post a message, picture, or video to show why #ilovemycreditunion. In addition to organically reaching more than 22 million people on social media, at least 33,000 virtual interactions were prompted by #ilovemycreditunion. More people are now aware they have the option to choose a not-for-profit financial cooperative that exists and is owned by its members.

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