2nd Economic Conference Speaker: 'Where is Inflation Going?'

Jay Prag, inflation/consumer price expert, affordable housing board chair, professor, and 35-year cerdit union member.
Jay Prag, inflation/consumer price expert, affordable housing board chair, professor, and 35-year cerdit union member.

Where is inflation going — and why? You can find out by joining Jay Prag for a deep-dive into the economy’s inflation storyline going into 2022! The “Prag-onomics” professor and 35-year credit union member is the second speaker during this year’s virtual Your Economy—Your Credit Union Conference on July 20.

Today’s nagging inflation question is plaguing discussions in the news media, financial markets, and throughout the economy. From a credit union perspective, we’ll look at:

  • Whether inflation could stay higher — for longer.
  • Why credit unions and their members should care.
  • Causes and future effects of pricing in the economy.
  • How the housing market fits into the entire picture.
  • Demand-versus-supply COVID recession responses.
  • Inflation in all its forms for clear context and strategic planning.

Prag is an inflation consumer price expert, affordable housing organization chair, and economics professor (the “Prag-onomics” way) for Drucker School of Management at Claremont McKenna College. He has also formerly served in visiting/adjunct professor roles for Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College, and Pomona College and specializes in monetary/financial economics, macroeconomics, corporate finance, fixed income management, mergers and acquisitions, executive training, and financial analysis leadership.

He will join our virtual conference's keynote speaker, Robert Eyler,  an independent economist, professor, labor market and housing expert, and long-time credit union board member.

Event Details
Attend this ongoing discussion about the economy’s future changes and its relevance on leaders as they guide their credit unions into unknown territory:

  • 2022 is coming: Now what? California and Nevada economies, jobs, credit union members and COVID-19 pandemic response for strategic planning.
  • Migration patterns, labor/worker trends, housing markets, leading indicators, and state business environments and policies.
  • Hardest-hit members and their plight versus everyone else: loans, deposits, growth, and risk scenarios.
  • Could inflation stay higher for longer? What it means, and why credit unions and their members should care.
  • Consumer pricing’s causes and future effects — and where real estate/housing fits into the entire picture.
  • The demand-versus-supply COVID-19 recession and policy responses: putting inflation in context for your forward strategy.

Join us:

  • Tuesday, July 20th — virtual
  • 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm (Pacific)
  • For credit union CEOs, CFOs, COOs, board directors, and SVPs/VPs or other managers
  • $125 for Power Learner Passport (PLP) subscribers; $145 for non-Power Learner Passport (PLP) subscribers; and $195 for non-members of the League (includes post-event complimentary web videos)

For questions, email Matt Wrye.


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