The Future of Household Formation in CA and NV by 2040

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Some notable forecasts for the future of household formation and homeownership in California and Nevada from 2020 – 2040 have been released by the Urban Institute, which has implications for both states’ housing markets, economies, credit unions and their members.

You can view the projection for California here, and the forecast for Nevada here.

These trends reveal who has benefited from homeownership versus not through the lens of age, race, and ethnicity. Future projections — using data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey — show what will happen over the next two decades if current policies stay the same.

To better understand this trajectory, the report looks at demographics, economic cycles, and public policies. You can view the U.S. abstract/snapshot here.

Additionally, the entire 77-page report (with state-by-state breakdowns) can be viewed here.

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