UNIFY Partners With LA Rams Linebacker to Tackle Youth Financial Education

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The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are celebrating “April is Financial Literacy Month” by focusing on credit union financial education efforts! This week we are wrapping up our highlight on one of many credit union financial literacy programs found across California and Nevada.

Los Angeles Rams Linebacker Kenny Young and his “Tackle Young Foundation,” are partnering with UNIFY Financial CU (UNIFY) to deliver a financial literacy program, Tackle Finances, to young students of Los Angeles Room & Board. The initiative seeks to help students gain confidence in money management through financial education.

The 12-week program, created by UNIFY and provided with the Tackle Young Foundation, will be available to students facing financial and housing insecurity at “The Opportunity House,” a residential program of Los Angeles Room & Board, that provides housing stability and support services to students in pursuit of college degrees. Topics covered in the Tackle Finances program will explore budget basics, savings, credit scores, and the psychology of spending to give students a foundational overview of financial management.

“I am proud to provide an opportunity for these students to grow their understanding of financial management and close the gap on financial literacy,” said Young. “Younger people have been hit hard financially by the COVID-19 pandemic and I’m striving to provide the resources to help get them back  on track.”

“With the recent economic challenges faced in 2020, the need for financial education is more prevalent than ever,” said UNIFY CEO Gordon Howe. “We are excited to partner with the Tackle Young Foundation to help provide powerful financial lessons for these students to impact their relationship with money and close the financial literacy gap.”

“We’re so grateful to Kenny Young and UNIFY for supporting our resilient students, many of whom are foster youth, formerly incarcerated, or undocumented,” said Los Angeles Room & Board founder Sam Prater. “This partnership will equip our students with knowledge and tools that will empower them to make game-changing decisions with respect to their personal economics.”

“In LA County, sadly, one in five community college students  who are working hard to better their lives through education  are experiencing homelessness,” said Los Angeles Rams Vice President of Community Affairs and Engagement Molly Higgins. “Los Angeles Room & Board’s mission to provide comprehensive, wrap-around services for this student population is life changing. We are proud to be able to help bring together Kenny and our partners at UNIFY to assist the students at ‘The Opportunity House’ with important financial literacy lessons to put them on a path to upward mobility and a lifetime of success.”

Young will spend the first week of Tackle Finances introducing the program to students and encouraging them to understand the financial tools and how they can provide limitless opportunities to achieve success. He will continue throughout the rest of the program participating in sessions and engaging the students.

UNIFY and Tackle Young hope to empower students by planting the seeds for foundational financial management that will grow into life-changing financial habits which will allow them to better reach their financial goals.

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