Latest on Gov. Affairs, Special Elections, Regulatory Advocacy


In the California Credit Union League’s latest Advocacy Newsletter, credit union leaders will find updates on California state government affairs, special elections, federal government affairs, and regulatory advocacy:

California State Government Affairs

  • California Virtual Government Relations Rally (GRR)
  • Governor Gavin Newsom Fundraiser
  • Credit Union State Charter Modernization Bill
  • California Privacy Protection Agency Board Appointments

Special Elections

  • Assembly District 54
  • Assembly District 79
  • Senate District 30
  • Senate District 6
  • CULAC (Credit Union Legislative Action Council)

Federal Government Affairs

  • H.R. 1471 (one-year safe harbor on member business lending cap)
  • Charter Bills (increasing maturity limits for federal credit unions regarding non-primary residence mortgage loans)
  • Monthly board meeting requirement for federally chartered credit unions
  • H.R. 1799 (extending the Paycheck Protection Program)
  • The SAFE Banking Act (safe harbor for financial institutions providing services to cannabis related businesses)
  • Data security and fair/accessible lending during the pandemic
  • Regulatory burden from stimulus checks and deposit growth

Regulatory Advocacy

  • Comment letter to the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI)
  • Pending Regulatory Proposed Rules

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