CUs Urged to Continue Sending Messages to CA Senators

California capitol building

The California Credit Union League is encouraging every credit union supporter and staff member to continue sending messages to their state Senators through Connect for the Cause regarding the devastating impact Assembly Bill 1436 would have on credit unions.

For those who have already done so, thank you! More than 10,600 messages have been sent — an amazing feat.

The situation can change rapidly at this point during the end of session. AB 1436 was still in the Senate Rules Committee as of earlier this week (after passing out of the Appropriations Committee late last week). The legislature has until Aug. 31 to pass a final bill.

AB 1436 is a near repeat of the mortgage forbearance requirements that credit unions defeated in Assembly Bill 2501 back in late June.

Credit unions have multiple allies in the Senate working on their behalf, and supporters of credit unions need to back them up by sending AB 1436 opposition messages to all Senators. Please continue having every credit union supporter send messages to their state Senators!

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