RMJ Foundation Unveils Bite of Reality Remote

Bite of Reality

The Richard Myles Johnson (RMJ) Foundation has launched Bite of Reality Remote to provide youth financial education at a time when schools and communities are practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under this version of the popular Bite of Reality program, which aims to teach young people about finances and budgeting, credit unions won’t need a kit, a venue, or even volunteers. All they need is the BOR2 App Remote version and Bite of Reality PowerPoint as well as one to two credit union team members with knowledge of the Bite of Reality program. This modified version of the app and the PowerPoint have been created to help the facilitator deliver the program remotely. Students will download the BOR2 app on their phones while following along on a webinar with the facilitator.

“The idea is that credit unions would set up a video call that students would log into on from their computer or laptop, and download the app onto their phones,” said RMJ Foundation Executive Director Tena Lozano. “The students would then watch the PowerPoint (which shows the merchant sheets, screen shots of what they should be seeing on their phones, etc.) as they play along on their phones. Everyone will be at the same station at the same time.”

Credit unions will follow the normal procedure for requesting a code from RMJ Foundation Program Coordinator Jenn Lucas. Each remote fair will have its own unique event code.

“We recommend having smaller groups of students of about 20 to 30 to allow for plenty of interaction with the facilitator,” Lozano added.

For more information on this program contact info@rmjfoundation.org.

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