Leagues' PAC Dominates at GAC

The Leagues would like to thank our 2020 CULAC Sweepstakes donors!
The Leagues would like to thank our 2020 CULAC Sweepstakes donors!

Each year at the Government Affairs Conference (GAC) in Washington, D.C.,  all 50 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) league partners compete to raise money during the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) Sweepstakes. This is the biggest fundraising push of the year and is designed to jumpstart federal PAC growth for the year.

View the 2020 CULAC Sweepstakes Donors list here

This year, California and Nevada attained a whole new level by raising $49,515, thereby increasing our fundraising amount from the sweepstakes by 12 percent over 2019. The combined total of all 50 states raising money to CULAC was $300,000, a new record. California and Nevada were responsible for 16 percent of this grand total!

Congratulations to California for winning the sweepstakes for the second year in a row. Nevada also climbed the chart to the 25th spot, beating states like Missouri and New York! California and Nevada members were also successful in winning sweepstakes prizes. Congratulations to Eric Bruen, CEO of Desert Valley CU; Wade Painter, CEO of San Mateo CU; Joe Schroeder, CEO of Ventura County CU; and Wally Murray, CEO of Greater Nevada CU.

Another award for our delegation was given to our California PAC Chairman Dave Gunderson, CEO of CU of Southern California. Dave is the California Trustee of CULAC and received the “CULAC Trustee Award.” This award was presented to the state with the highest amount raised into CULAC for 2019.

Thank you to all credit union leaders who donated and credit unions that participate in payroll deduction programs. It is because of your commitment and sacrifice that we were able to receive so many honors this year.

And our fundraising didn’t stop with the sweepstakes. The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' PAC hosted three fundraisers for members of congress at GAC. The PAC and Redwood CU co-hosted a breakfast with Congressman Mike Thompson (CD-05), and we also hosted a breakfast for Congressman Mark Amodei (NV-02). Lastly, the PAC arranged “Drinks with Pete” for a fun and relaxed evening happy hour with Congressman Pete Aguilar (CD-31). We raised a total of $$40,850 in direct candidate giving from these three events. Contributions ranged from $2,500 to $50 (volunteer price) donations. This is a testament to the fact that all donations matter, big or small. It is crucial that we continue to help get credit union-friendly candidates elected to office. Thank you to everyone who helped make these events successful.

The PAC will now focus on helping credit union-friendly candidates in the 2020 elections this fall. The PAC also has an exciting event coming up in April. We are hosting a fundraiser for California Gov. Gavin Newsom at the Leagues’ Sacramento advocacy office on the opening day of the California Government Relations Rally (GRR). This is a very important event and is nearly sold out! We are also excited about continuing to grow our payroll deduction programs by increasing employee participation levels at credit unions that have set up payroll deduction plans, as well as onboarding new credit unions into the payroll deduction effort.

If you have questions about how to start a payroll plan at your credit union, or any other questions about PAC, please don't hesitate to contact Heather deNecochea, political advocacy manager for the Leagues: heatherd@ccul.org.

Thank You to Our 2020 CULAC Sweepstakes Donors
We'd like to thank the following credit union leaders:

  • Diana Dykstra
  • Brett Martinez
  • Teresa Freeborn
  • Nader Moghaddam
  • Gordon Howe
  • Robert Arnould
  • Roger Ballard
  • John Cassidy
  • Thomas Lent
  • Jeffrey Napper
  • Rodolfo Pereira
  • James Sessa
  • Frank Wasson
  • Joseph Whitaker
  • Gregory Mitchell
  • Dave Roughton
  • Jennifer Jordan
  • Barry Nelson
  • Joseph Schroeder
  • Tom Graves
  • Carrie Birkhofer
  • Eric Bruen
  • William Cheney
  • Richard Coggin
  • Paul Cook
  • Elizabeth Dooley
  • Katherine Duvall
  • David Kantar
  • Geri LaChance
  • Traci Olszowy
  • Charles Papenfus
  • Lisa Pesta
  • Wallace Murray
  • Alex Casillas
  • Patricia Neighbors
  • Heri Garcia
  • Heather DeNecochea
  • Nancy Arnold
  • Lester Brown
  • Rebecca Collier
  • Ray Crouse
  • Eric Day
  • Jeremy Empol
  • Carol Galizia
  • Dave Gunderson
  • Christine Haley
  • Lynn Hartline
  • Wade Painter
  • Lawrence Palochik
  • Gary Perez
  • Lori Reeves
  • Harold Roundtree
  • Keith Sultemeier
  • Anna Tellez
  • Edward Turk
  • Linda White
  • Matt Kershaw
  • Scott Arkills
  • Jennifer Denoo
  • Jennifer Binkley
  • Marcia Girardi
  • Ernesto Norona
  • Byron Smith
  • Warren Alderson
  • John Didion
  • Susan Makris
  • Flora Nafei
  • Lecia Roundtree
  • Sue Longson
  • Damian Alarcon
  • Marquis Boochee
  • Christopher Burns
  • William Cunningham
  • Linda Emmons
  • Marvel Ford
  • Matthew Herrick
  • Carina Hollis
  • Daren Linhares
  • Bhavnesh Makin
  • Michael Martignago
  • Donna McNeely
  • Jill Meznarich
  • Patricia Moreno
  • Jane Permaul
  • Linda Rossi
  • Emily Udell
  • Robert Wilson
  • Raymond Wilson
  • Mary Beth Clift
  • Steele Hendrix
  • Richard Aochi
  • Deborah Aspling
  • Fabiana Burkett
  • Laura Campbell
  • Kristen Cohen
  • William Cole
  • Marc Ecker
  • Gina Friedrich
  • Kathern Gaskins
  • Jeffery Gaut
  • Paul Geery
  • Robert Geraci
  • Jay Hanses
  • Carmelita Keller
  • Sara Klein
  • Diana Kot
  • Kristena Lozano
  • Yvonne Marsh
  • Jose Luis Pacheco
  • Virginia Panossian
  • Astrid Rives
  • Harold Scoggins
  • Garick Zillgitt
  • Jon Wahrenbrock
  • Rick Schmidt
  • Doug Spring
  • Charles Bruen
  • Malachy Coghlan
  • Don Gensler
  • Michelle Hunter
  • Rebecca Marchant
  • Lisa Wittke Schaffner
  • Jason Mertz-Prickett
  • Sherri Searl
  • Jim Weidner
  • James Bolin

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