5 Member Service-Focused Solutions


Consumer expectations are higher than ever before, and your members are expecting more convenience and personalized service. Your credit union member is comparing their experience with your brand to the easy, fast, and personalized experiences they are having with the best physical and online retailers. Consumer-focused businesses are reaping the benefits of renewed loyalty and competitive advantage. You ask, how can you keep up? Consider these five, member service-focused solutions to help your credit union stay competitive. 

Offer True Digital-First Service

The digital-first world has accelerated in ways never expected. There is a need for tools to deepen your member relationships and create virtual moments that are real and authentic. What if you offered a digital customer service platform, which enables you to deliver a seamless experience for your member, from chat to voice to video with co-browse capability. By onboarding a digital-first service platform you also help reduce your employee’s frustration of toggling between solutions. Streamline clunky transitions by stringing fragmented software together. Make any live interaction between your members and employees easy. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more. 

Digital Identity Authentication

Greet your members by their first name, not just because you know them because you can offer a digital identity that can be used across multiple channels. Going through a verification process can be frustrating for anyone. Technology makes it possible to do more with less. Allow your members to use a one-time digital authentication process. These applications use the embedded environment of advanced security layers: biometrics, device binding, and cryptographic handshakes that ensure privacy. Put an end to frustrating and repetitive sharing of personal information. So whenever and however your members interact with you–in person, via call centers, video kiosks, and online you can verify their identity fast and securely. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more.

Enhanced Self-Service

We all have witnessed the evolution of the ATM. We have gone from cash dispensing ATMs to smart transactions to assisted video service. Members want the convenience to accomplish more in less time. In addition to the standard ATM, transaction set re-examines what else you can offer like, check cashing, access to full account relationship, and loan payments (24×7) beyond what is offered with a standard switch. 

Contactless Delivery 

Serving your busy members when and where they want can be challenging and forcing members to come into the branch during business hours is a thing of the past. 

Re-evaluate how you extend your branch services beyond the “9-5” hours. Restaurateurs and retailers offer “curbside pickup” and Amazon deployed delivery lockers. These models are here to stay. Consider offering an alternative “on the go” fulfillment option for services that require an in-person exchange. Credit unions have that option too with smart lockers. Customizable for any location, you can securely and safely exchange debit cards, cashier’s checks, documents, and even change orders without person-to-person contact and at a time and location that is convenient for you and those you are serving. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more.  

Smart Scheduling and Contactless Check-In

Is your credit union extending the digital experience in your branch? Credit unions can offer their members the convenience of scheduling branch appointments online. While there are many scheduling software options to choose from, the success of an appointment application can often depend on the branch employee’s adoption. When choosing a solution, consider the back-end management workflows like employee transfers, wait-time tracking, branch traffic analysis. Ensure that you’re able to run reports on product trends, arrival management, and transactions. Don’t let outdated and manual processes get in the way of your relationship with your member. 

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Article provided by FTSI.