Autoland Keeps Auto Lending Pipelines Open


As Californian’s shelter-in-place across the state, auto sales have taken a significant toll due to COVID-19. About 40% of dealers have closed sales departments leaving consumers with less options on trying to replace a vehicle that may have been totaled or no longer running.  Dealers who have remained open have had to pivot on their strategies to find new ways to accommodate consumers with maintaining social distancing and remote deliveries.

Since 1971, Autoland LLC has been delivering vehicles remotely to credit union members and is ready to assist in these challenging times.

The Autoland process allows a member to interact with a single consultant from A to Z. This includes a needs assessment of what the member is looking for, assisting with a trade appraisal or helping to coordinate the loan with the member’s credit union.  

Key Member Benefits of Working with Autoland

  • Members can start their search online, by phone or in person
  • A Personal Consultant will do all the work - including securing available incentives/rebates and provide a haggle-free competitive price
  • Their new vehicle will be delivered to the credit union branch, or other convenient location. Contactless delivery is available

“Excellent service, quick and on point with the car you are looking for. Very friendly, and processing paper was done less than in an hour. I would recommend them to everyone,” said Luisa Franco, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union member, in her Google review.

Before the contactless delivery, delivery coordinators sanitize the main touchpoints such as steering wheel, handles and seats.

Autoland offers a protection product that is an EPA registered product that will not only sanitize the car’s interior but will also place a barrier for years to come against viruses and other germs.  It has proven effective for fighting microbes, germs and deactivating viruses such as Ebola, MRSA and Norovirus.

About Autoland
Autoland is the nation’s largest credit union auto buying service, a credit union owned cooperative that understands the value of member relationships. For over 49 years, Autoland has been the preferred car buying solution for hundreds of credit unions and thousands of members along the west coast. Autoland has the expertise to drive quality direct loans by delivering an exceptional car buying experience to your members before they shop else-where.

To learn more about Autoland, contact Rixie Lowden, VP of Business Development, at (818) 634-1463 or email at