CUNA Strategic Services: Eltropy the ‘Best Text Messaging Solution’ for CUs


Eltropy, a messaging-based platform that enables credit unions to communicate with members via text, has been selected as the newest CUNA Strategic Services (CSS) alliance provider. This collaboration will empower credit union teams to leverage text messaging in a secure and TCPA-compliant way to boost member engagement and enhance the member experience.  

“The CSS team surveyed the marketplace for potential providers to fill a need in the credit union digital communications space,” said Eric Gelly, president, CUNA Strategic Services. “We chose Eltropy because of their streamlined member communication platform, ability to adapt to the marketplace and overall superior messaging-based solution.”

Text messaging has transformed the way people communicate and is now permeating the business world. Nine out of 10 consumers prefer texts when communicating with businesses.

As the industry-leading text messaging solution, Eltropy was selected as a strategic alliance by CSS to deliver credit unions a “single solution” to meet all their text messaging needs, for every member-facing business area. Eltropy provides three key values:

  • Compliance and security: text messaging compliant with FCC/TCPA regulations and secure information sharing
  • IT integrations: out-of-the-box integrations with core systems like Symitar, Corelation, CRMs like Salesforce and other IT systems
  • Intelligence and analytics: built in ROI, member engagement reports and insights to drive business decisions  

“Being chosen as the preferred text messaging alliance by CSS marks a major milestone in Eltropy’s quest to serve credit unions and their members,” said Ashish Garg, CEO, Eltropy. “We are big believers in the intimate connections that credit unions make with their members, and we are committed to helping them leverage text messaging to deepen those connections.”

Working with Eltropy, Baxter Credit Union (BCU) has achieved an ROI of 600%, with a payback period of less than two months and 11 times improvement in member engagement. Eltropy-powered text messages have had a 37% click-through rate, compared with 3% over emails on average.

“Eltropy allows BCU’s content to be more accessible to prospective members, along with tracking engagement, creating lead generation and increasing credit union membership,” said Nicole Hatcher, Business Development Operations at BCU.