Open Your Eyes To A Credit Union

Open your eyes to a credit union

“Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” is an industry-wide initiative to educate a new generation of consumers. Backed by local credit unions, state leagues, and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the initiative aims to increase consideration of credit unions, show the potential of working with a credit union, and combat common misconceptions linked to eligibility and accessibility of money. We firmly believe that the times we are in are bringing out the best of the credit union difference — and consumers are noticing. 

We encourage member credit unions to review and take advantage of resources that are available:

  • Visit Contributor HQ to access creative assets and resources. Each tab on the site has great tools for your marketing and social media team.  In the Creative Assets tab, you’ll find material related to COVID-19 messaging and creative.
  • Use the PR Toolkit to leverage the strength of the campaign locally.
  • Access the newsletter archive to catch up with the progress we've made.
  • Join us on Facebook — we have an active community on Facebook to share ideas and collaborate.
  • Follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram — we are @yourmoneyfurther. On Twitter we are @moneyfurther.  Be sure to mention us and use the hashtag #yourmoneyfurther to join in on the conversation!
  • Check your listing on and email any updates to

“Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” allows credit unions to work together to tell a compelling story about the entire movement and why credit unions are America’s most trusted financial partner.

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