NCUA: 'EGRPRA' Comments Due March 22

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  • Liquidation (Involuntary or Voluntary)—12 CFR 709, 710
  • Uniform Rules of Practice and Procedure—12 CFR 747, Part A
  • Local Rules of Practice and Procedure—12 CFR 747, Parts B through J
  • Inflation Adjustment of Civil Money Penalties—12 CFR 747, Part K
  • Issuance, Review, and Enforcement of Orders Imposing Prompt Corrective Action—12 CFR 747, Parts L and M  

  • Lending—12 CFR 701.21
  • Investment and Deposit Activities—12 CFR 703
  • Supervisory Committee Audit—12 CFR 715
  • Security Programs—12 CFR 748.0
  • Guidelines for safeguarding member information and responding to unauthorized access to member information—12 CFR 748, App. A and B
  • Records Preservation Program—12 CFR 749
  • Appraisals—12 CFR 722
  • Examination—12 CFR 741.1
  • Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans—12 CFR 741.12
  • Regulations codified elsewhere in NCUA’s Regulations as applying to FCUs that also apply to federally insured state-chartered credit unions—12 CFR 741 , subpart B 


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