Make Sure Your Credit Union Voice is Heard

Hugh Rafferty
CoastHills CU and CA/NV CU Leagues Volunteer Group Chairman Hugh Rafferty

Editor’s Note: The following is from Hugh Rafferty, CoastHills CU board chairman as well as California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues Volunteer Group Chair.

It’s been eight months since the swearing in of our new federal and state legislators. They’ve settled in to their respective positions and are now comfortable with the process. Hopefully, they are not so overwhelmed by partisan politics that they no longer listen to their constituents, but rather weigh their voters’ advice along with the advice of their colleagues. That makes this a perfect time to step up your advocacy communications to ensure that your local credit union voice is not lost in the shuffle.

As you know, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are always in the forefront of advocating in Carson City, Sacramento, and Washington, D.C., but much more needs to be done. The onslaught of regulations spawned by the “Great Recession” is impeding our ability to serve our members. Even though credit unions were the “good guys” before, during, and after the recession, we wrongfully ended up paying a very steep price for the misdeeds of others.

These poorly crafted regulations have placed enormous pressure on credit unions. That’s especially true for small and mid-sized credit unions. That’s why credit union employees and volunteers must do whatever they can to support the League in its efforts to unravel these misguided policies that are undermining the value of credit union membership. Whether through electronic communications, phone calls, or visits with elected officials at home or in the capitals, we need an army of committed credit union helpers to “turn up the heat.”

Organizing a non-stop presence in our centers of government requires not only manpower, but financial support as well. And while our credit unions contribute directly, those corporate donations must be augmented by personal contributions too.

Making a difference in this effort is far easier than you might think. The League has created a variety ways for you to help, whether you have small amounts of time and money to give, or if you want to jump in with both feet. If you are ready to step up your advocacy game, simply send an email to Leagues Manager of Political Advocacy Andrea Svoboda. She will help you get more engaged in advocacy, and in ways that reflect the resources you and your credit union have available. Please reach out to her today at

Hugh Rafferty
Chairman—CoastHills CU and CCUL/NCUL Volunteer Group