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  • The maximum annual, individual, credit union grant funding is limited to $3,500, with the exception of Technology grants for a funding of $5,000 every other year.
  • Credit unions with capital/net worth of less than 12 percent represent the greatest need within the Shapiro Group, therefore, credit unions with capital/net worth equal to or greater than 12 percent are not eligible to obtain a grant in 2017, without review from the Grant committee. Credit unions with net worth below 7 percent, and therefore under PCA, will also require additional review before approval.
  • Credit unions with an operating expense/gross income ratio greater than 85 percent will require additional review before approval.
By applying for a grant, you agree to make a cash donation of 10 percent of the grant amount funded to the Shapiro Group within 12 months, and agree to provide a statement of benefit upon request.